Aluminum Whistles

Material : Heads are made of Delrin, bodies are made of aluminum.
Keys : 4 keys available currently, High D/Alto G/Alto F/Low D
Tunable : All have tunable version and Alto G/Alto F have non-tunable version.
Package : Plastic sliding tubes


Wooden Whistles  

There are two models:

Hybrid Wooden Whistle : Delrin head & upper body + wooden lower body

Full Wooden Whistle : Delrin head + wooden upper & lower body

Timber : blackwood / cocobolo / lapacho /lignum vitae / camwood ect.
Keys : 3 keys available, High D/C/Eb (can not share head/upper body)
Trim rings : Brass or nickel plated brass
Package : Hard case with simple humidifier and hygro-thermometer


pouches for wooden whistles

Left : Japanese Nishijin weaving pouch
Mid : Cherry blossom pattern pouch
Right : Dragon & cloud pattern pouch