Price List 2022

Keyed Irish Flutes (Resin)
6-Key Pratten style 4 piece                  799 USD

Keyless Irish Flutes (Delrin)
Pratten style 3 piece tunable               399 USD
Pratten style 4 piece tunable               499 USD
Firth Pond & Co 4 piece tunable         499 USD

Aluminium Whistles                  
High D  tunable                   160 USD
Alto G  tunable                    220 USD
Alto F  tunable                     225 USD
Low D  tunable                    280 USD

Wooden Whistles
High Eb/D             315 USD
High C                   330 USD

Pouch for high D/C/Eb  whistles
Cherry blossom pattern                        15 USD
Dragon&cloud pattern                         15 USD
Japanese Nishijin weaving                    25 USD
3-Whistles Pouch                                  40 USD

Contact info

Zelle is recommended for customers from the US.
PayPal is accepted and please add 3% on the total cost.

Waiting time
For aluminum whistles and flutes, the waiting time is about one week.
For wooden whistles, waiting time is normally 3-4 weeks depending on the queue.

Shipping fee 
Asia ·················································· 25 USD
Europe ············································· 35 USD
N. America ······································ 35 USD
Other ················································ 40 USD

*for more than one item, please contact me for shipping quotation.