Galeón flutes are made of Delrin which has been used on a variety of musical instruments, it’s stable and durable, good for both beginners and players who is afraid that bad climate will damage their flutes.



Rings are brass and a one euro cent coin (designed by Ireland) is mounted on the end cap. more coins are available upon request.



Two models are available : Pratten and Firth Pond & Co.

Pratten style has the largest holes which gives a powerful sound, best for professional and session players. the flute is 3 piece but still has a simple tuning slide.

Firth Pond & Co. style has the smallest holes which is a little quieter than the Pratten and has a more crispy sound, good for players who have small hands. The flute is 4 piece with standard tuning slide and brass lined head.

All flutes come with cloth pouches.